Facts that will change how you think about the environment

  • There is a pile of plastic garbage lying at the bottom of the Pacific ocean almost twice as large as the size of the US !
  • With the number of televisions, phones, and computers in use, almost 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced every year
  • In America alone, over 3 million plastic bottles are thrown away and it takes 500 years for one plastic bottle to decompose !
  • Pollution in China can change the weather in the US …One-third of air pollution in San Francisco comes from China
  • Almost half of all seabird species and 22% of fish species have been documented as having plastic in their bodies
  • 700 million Chinese ( almost half the country’s population ) has to drink contaminated water due to water pollution
  • There is more carbon dioxide in the air today than at any point in the past 800,000 years.