CO2 Calculator


So, you have read our tips on how to reduce your footprint and are now ready to take the next step…What is next?

Firstly, WELL DONE for taking action. You are already making a big difference to the world. K4B World would like to thank you for your care and dedication.


To manage your carbon climate impact in a more meaningful way, you may consider taking things a little further by measuring your carbon footprint. This is a very good way to start understanding the true impact of your choices.

AQ Green TeC, our offsetting partners, have developed the AQ Green App that can help you measure your carbon emissions. More about the app below…

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Your measurement will give you context and direction on how and where you can further reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about reducing your carbon footprint here.


If you have reduced whatever emissions you can and still want to make extra impact you can do this by offsetting your carbon emissions directly in the app. This is another way to neutralize your carbon impact and to rest assured that your contribution will be making a difference. An inexpensive contribution will support high quality and well-trusted carbon offsetting projects from the following categories:

  • Nature-based
  • Community and
  • Renewable Energy

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting describes the compensation of carbon emissions through carbon credits. We only use carbon credits from high quality carbon projects (Gold Standard and VCS) to ensure high positive impact, both on climate and on affected communities and ecosystems. Carbon offsetting should always be part of a holistic initiative, where focus lies on carbon avoidance and reduction.

What is Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are gases in the atmosphere that allow sunlight to pass through but also prevent heat from leaving. The most commonly known is carbon dioxide, but other gases include methane, ozone, nitrous oxide and others. They are essential to keeping the planet warm, but human activities are adding too many of these gases, resulting in global warming.

Why is reducing GHGs important?

The planet has a limited total carbon budget left until irreversible climate tipping points are reached and global warming reaches critical levels, with uncontrollable direct and indirect effects. We can only prevent this from happening if we reduce global emissions now and make sure we don’t overspend the budget. Every emission reduction contributes and helps on this mission.

Key Features of the AQ Green App enable you to:

  • Track your emissions from your house, travel, food and purchases
  • Select project portfolios, from nature based, community, renewables or curated
  • Offset on the basis of a monthly subscription or as a once-off
  • Connect to select partners to receive rewards and benefits
  • Syncing with 3rd party apps to enable multiple factors to be more accurately calculated, such as home energy use and air travel*
    *coming soon