Packaging Pandemic Campaign with LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics !

January 24, 2021
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During the recent COVID19 Pandemic, most of us were locked down but this did’nt stop K4BWorld from our fight against  single use packaging and plastic waste that is polluting our environment ! We simply launched our online campaign Packaging Pandemic to drive awareness of REDUCE REUSE & RECYCLE in individual households.
 !During the lockdown/ stay at home period , the children drove results in their own homes and communities by tracking the packaging waste generated in their houses and doing bathroom sweeps of plastic shampoo , handwasher , sanitizer , plastic wrapping .
All K4BWorld Eco Warriors were provided a self auditing template to report their waste collection results to us .
We also looked at the cool bathroom swaps from LUSH to understand how we can minimize buying and using plastic in our homes and use naked packaging / eco friendly products.
 Over 40 children from over 10 schools in the UAE participating to raise awareness on how we can reduce packaging waste and support Recycling in the UAE. They also created fantastic posters to highlight the Packaging Pandemic and its impact on our environment.
The results were impressive and based on the metrics that K4B World provided participants :
35 bottles and containers – Upcycled for reuse as plant holders, pencil holders and bird feeders .
375 Plastic bottles –  Collected for Recycling
2800 kgs of household paper waste generated through takeaway containers , Amazon deliveries , cardboard cartons , plastic packaging.
Our prize winners will win exciting Naked goodies from our partners LUSH Cosmetics ! Thank you for taking part and join us for more exciting ways to make sustainability a way of life !

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