Polar Bear Conservation

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I wanted to share these fabulous images with you all the way from the Arctic Circle – Svalbaard. My mom’s friend Ranjit Roy visited this glacial paradise.He saw such amazing creatures like these Polar bears in their natural habitat.

I love these snowy white creatures and I really dont want to see them disappear from our planet!

Polar bears are among the most vulnerable mammals and are most affected by Climate change. Their scientific name is Ursus maritimus. Their height is upto 2m . Polar bears have been seen swimming upto hundreds of miles from land though they probably cover most of the distance by floating on ice sheets.

Without action on climate change, did you know scientists predict we could lose Polar bears by 2100?

Two-thirds of the Polar bear population could be gone by 2050. Sea – ice loss from human activity is the main cause.

There are roughly around 26000 Polar Bears left in the world and that’s why these pictures and the sightings of Polar bears by my friend in one place is so rare.

Lets commit to stop global warming and save the Polar Bears !

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