CAN DO WILL DO – Aluminium Can recycling Drive – 5th – 25th June 2017 Dubai

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June 5, 2017
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June 24, 2017
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Hi Friends,

I’m really excited that we launched our Aluminum Can Recycling Drive on 5th June – World Environment Day.

I chose Aluminium because a lot of people drink soft drinks during the hot summer weather and the cans are often found lying all over the place. Did you know Aluminium is one of the most valuable materials for recycling. If you don’t  recycle it ,it will be taken along with the other garbage to a landfill . The energy used to produce a new can in its place can POWER YOUR TV FOR 3 HOURS !! Isnt that simply amazing ?

Instead , if we collect the aluminium cans and recycle them , it takes just 60 days for it to be back on the shelves in your supermarket and you have given it a new life. You can keep recycling the same can several times.

I also found a really cool DIY about how you can use the can to create a popcorn machine !!! I will tell you about that soon .

A lot of kids came home to the Green Community to kick off our can drive. We aim to collect 1000 cans by the End of Ramadan. I will be giving these cans in for recycling to the centres at the Emirates Environment Group.

We have so far collected over 400 cans so I am hopeful that together we will achieve our target.

The next time you see an Aluminium can , please think of saving our planet and pick it up for Recycling!! Do let me know if you want to join this project and I can give you  more details of where to drop off the cans you are collecting.



  1. Joe Swords says:

    This is truly inspiring work, at such a young age! Well done. I have recently arrived from the UK and am passionate about all the issues you have mentioned. I’m a tad older, at 28 years old, but this is really great to see. I’ve started looking in to ways that I can make a positive difference in Dubai – would love to know more.

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